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PVC joinery is a popular solution while choosing joinery, whether it is to replace the old joinery or the first installation of joinery in your home, business, public or tourist facility.

In addition to the wide variety of colors and the ability to create profiles of traditional or modern design, PVC joinery is highly sought after because of its energy efficiency. In addition to lower heating bills during the winter, it provides good insulation against heat in summer. New PVC windows can have a larger glass surface, supplying your home with more natural light, but also with excellent noise insulation. PVC joinery is easy to maintain, and is therefore the first choice in many households and public spaces. New PVC joinery reinforced with new hardware fittings and locks will certainly provide greater security protection for your facility. In addition, PVC joinery is an ideal choice for anyone who cares about the environment. Insulation features require lower consumption of natural resources and provide users with a higher quality of life.

We manufacture the PVC joinery in our production program from a high-quality Kömmerling brand PVC profile, as we are a certified partner and representative of Kömmerling for the County of Istria.

KÖMMERLING is the first major PVC profile manufacturer in the world to fully switch to recyclable and unleaded materials. All processes use only environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers.

PVC joinery in our production facility is made with great precision and fixed with top-quality hardware fitting. Professional installation achieves our primary goal – a durable and quality energy-efficient product. By purchasing Alutrade Kömmerling PVC joinery, you make the decision for a safe future.